Claremore Man Claims Car Was Wrongly Repossessed Then Returned Damaged

Thursday, August 27th 2020, 5:18 pm
By: Brooke Griffin


A Claremore man said he wants to take legal action after he said his car was wrongly repossessed and then brought back with damage a few minutes later.

On Tuesday, Evan Hall said he was just sitting in his Claremore apartment after work when he got some strange news. He said his car was towed away by a repossession agent through a company called “Oklahoma Recovery” but the man returned his car a few minutes after he towed it away.

“I get a ring on my doorbell, it’s the maintenance man, and he said your car was just moved and taken,” Hall said.

Hall after a little investigation and a look at his security cameras, he realized a repossession agent had towed away his car, but then brought it back a few minutes later with no explanation.

“I was dumbfounded,” Hall said. “I didn’t know what was going on, my payments are up to date, I’ve never missed a payment. Why was this done, he saw the vin number and took it anyways.”

He said he called Claremore Police immediately to see what can be done when your car is stolen, and then returned, but with damage on the bumper and under the car from the tow cables.

“I think they scratched up my bumper a little bit and the lower plastic is scratched up now,” Hall said.

Claremore Police Deputy Chief Steve Cox said their department has never seen a case like this one before, so they are having to more deeply investigate what kind of charges could be involved in a case where they aren’t sure if the repossession agent meant to do what he did.

“There are some statutes that might apply for criminal charges, but there’s definitely some civil liability stuff with this company,” Cox said.

Cox said if they do find that criminal charges of any sort need to be pressed, they will give their recommendation to the Rogers County District Attorney to move forward.

Hall said he is happy his car was returned but does plan on taking legal action against the towing company since he said they damaged his car.

News On 6 did reach out to the Oklahoma Recovery towing company to see if they would like to give an interview or a statement, but they did not provide one.