More Than 100 Missing Pets Reunited With Owners After Beirut Explosion

Tuesday, September 1st 2020, 2:46 pm
By: CBS News

An organization that rescues and advocates for animals in Lebanon says it has reunited more than 100 pets with their owners since a deadly blast last month tore through the country's capital. 

The massive explosion at the Port of Beirut in early August set a giant mushroom cloud into the sky and devastated entire neighborhoods. At least 190 people were killed and thousands more were injured.  People in the city lost homes, businesses, loved ones and pets.

In the aftermath of the blast, Animals Lebanon has been finding lost pets, and recently, it shared a video showing some of the reunions.

"With everything that has been happening these past weeks we thought everyone needs some mood lifting happy moments so we compiled some of the heartwarming reunions that have happened since the blast," the organization wrote on Instagram.  

The video compilation, which shows several excited dogs running toward their tearful owners, received nearly 34,000 views in just two days.

According to a press release, the animal welfare organization deployed a team to help just two hours after the explosion hit. They received more than 540 requests for help and 331 people have volunteered in search, rescue and care efforts. 

Animals Lebanon said in an Instagram post it has been "on the ground since day one of the blast helping and rescuing the animals in need." So far, the organization said it has provided veterinary care to 216 animals. It said it was able to reunite 110 lost animals with their owners, and that 61 animals are in need of adoption. 

"Our team is still rescuing animals that are directly and indirectly affected from the blast as well as caring for the many animals rescued as a result of it," Animals Lebanon wrote on Instagram late last week. "A team of international vets as well as local vets have been checking, treating and spaying/neutering animals."

In addition to sharing the reunion videos, Animals Lebanon has used its social media to share information about the animals they've found, hoping to reconnect them with their owners. 

In one post, Animals Lebanon shared the story of a deaf cat found wearing a red collar in the blast area. "He is a sweetheart and most definitely was in a home," the organization wrote.

Animals Lebanon said they will continue to provide food and medical care for pets of the families who were affected by the blast.

The organization urges people who are looking for their animals, who have found animals, or whose animals are in need of help to reach out via email. 

"Our hearts will always be with the people, those who got affected, those who lost people, those who were injured and those who lost their homes," Animals Lebanon posted.

First published on September 1, 2020 / 2:41 PM / Caitlin O'Kane

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