Coweta Football Team Searches For New Field After Drunk Driver Damage

Thursday, September 10th 2020, 4:55 pm
By: William Blanchette

Coweta High School is trying to find another place to play their home football games this season after a suspected drunk driver drove onto the field causing damage.

This incident at Tiger Stadium has caused Coweta to search for another field to play temporarily.

Superintendent Jeff Holmes said it could take about a month until they’re able to play at Tiger Stadium again, but he’s still promising a full season of games.

According to Holmes, at first glance, the turf at the stadium appeared to be in good shape. But Holmes said they found out that the debris and glass from the damage worked its way down, which means the turf will need to be removed starting from the 30-yard line.

“Without taking all the crumb rubber out from at least the 30-yard line, it won’t be deemed safe to play,” said Holmes.

Junior varsity games will be played at the High school track and Holmes said that might be happening for varsity games as well.

Holmes said, “obviously that will factor in on who will be playing and how many fans they normally bring.”

The track complex doesn’t have a visiting section, making it a much smaller venue for fans.

School leaders are also talking to other schools about the possibility of playing Coweta home games at opponent fields, which is what will be happening on Friday, September 18, when Tigers play in Muskogee.

“It’s home of the Tigers and that’s where they are used to playing, so even moving to the track complex wouldn’t be ideal, moving to another school wouldn’t be ideal either but our students are tough, they will make it work,” said Holmes.

Holmes said the band will still be performing at any games that were supposed to be home games, no matter where they play.