Update: What Union Expects For End Of Semester During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, October 21st 2020, 12:21 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa County -

Union Parents are making the decision now on how they want their students to learn in the spring. 

Union Administrators said they've been fortunate to have a low positive case count of COVID-19 and they hope it continues through the holidays. 

“So, we keep a close eye on each building and make sure there’s not one real highly visible outbreak that we can point to," said John Federline. 

Federline is the Executive Director for Union Secondary Education. He said it's been a combination of effort from teachers, students, and parents that has kept their positive COVID count low. 

“At the secondary level it’s a little bit easier to contact trace because kids go from class to class. So they are only in there for a hour," said Federline. The district's website shows out of almost 12,000 students and staff, there are 32 active COVID positive cases within the district. It also shows there are currently 438 teachers and students who are in close contact quarantine. Federline said he understands the frustrations of the 14 day quarantine. 

“Our community has been absolutely fantastic. All of our patrons our parents when we call we’ve had nothing but excellent and cooperation as far as contact tracing procedures," said Federline. 

He said now parents are deciding what to do for their child's next semester. 

“That’s on the website proximately featured. We can’t predict where this is going to go. There is so many different factors. We’re about to move to more indoor activities both for kids at home and in school and so we are concerned that that may spike the numbers a little bit," said Federline. 

The deadline for Union parents to decide is October 30th and they can do that through the online parent portal.