BLM Mural On Ahha Tulsa Coming Down To Make Room For New Voices

Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 6:02 am
By: Brooke Griffin

Tulsa -

The Black Lives Matter mural is being taken off the ahha Tulsa building this week to make room for more voices to be heard through art.

Starting the first Friday in November, there will be a new mural by a local black artist every month drawn on the west side of the ahha

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The BLM mural at ahha was painted by the community as part of Juneteenth and has even seen additions over the months with chalk and other paint.

This week the large yellow painted letters of the Black Lives Matter mural are being scraped off in order to make room for the new chalk mural project.

Ahha Tulsa Executive Director Holly Becker says they are so excited to give these artists such a big and public platform.

“We have a plan for how we are going to recognize black artists going forward,” Becker says. “It’s not about the message, we are continuing the message for that community and elevating additional black voices through their artwork.”

The November mural will be drawn by a local muralist and graffiti artist and will be bringing a new and fresh design for everyone to see.

Ahha Tulsa is still seeking more local black artists to be featured January-June.

For more information on how to become a featured artist and have your work displayed as a part of the "Messages of Hope and Reconciliation" visit the ahha website here.

More information on the chalk art series can be found on the ahha website here.