Tulsa Co. Deputies Release Body Cam Footage Of DUI Suspect Found With Kids In Car

Friday, December 11th 2020, 9:57 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a Tulsa woman they said was passed out behind the wheel of an SUV while her two children were in the back seat.

The sheriff’s office shared with News On 6 body camera footage from three deputies who responded to the scene early Thursday morning.

Deputy Justin Green said the sheriff’s office does not know how long the driver, identified as 32-year-old Candace Campbell, and her kids were sleeping in the SUV at 71st and Riverside.

Green said deputies on patrol found the SUV stopped at the intersection and tried to wake up Campbell. They said when Campbell finally got out of the vehicle, she was stumbling and slurring her speech.

Body camera video showed Campbell told deputies she took a pill and a half of Xanax. Green said the situation became more concerning when deputies realized Campbell's two and four-year-old children were in the back seat and not buckled in.

"The children could have wandered out into the road and into the traffic, worse could have wandered down into the river and gotten into the water,” said Green. “Could have been a very bad situation. We're just thankful the deputy was there and was able to resolve this."

Green said deputies even got the mom to stay calm for her children, who were watching from inside the vehicle.

"I've been trying to get off drugs,” said Campbell to deputies.

During the exchange recorded on body camera video, one deputy told Campbell, “And this is not the end of your journey, OK? This is just another step in the road, OK? But right now, we need to worry about your kids, OK?"

Green said deputies hope this situation could show the sobering reality of driving under the influence.

"As a deputy, you want to do your part to make sure the suspect realizes the severity of their actions and the fact that every choice has a consequence," said Green

Campbell faces charges of child endangerment, DUI and child restraint violations.

Deputies said a family member picked up the children after their mom was arrested.

According to the arrest report, Campbell did agree to a field sobriety test and refused a blood draw. Deputies said record checks showed Campbell had a warrant for her arrest.