Crews Prepare Roads As Green Country Expects More Snow, Ice

Monday, December 14th 2020, 9:23 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

With another blast of snow on the way and the possibility of a refreeze Monday night, Green Country road crews are getting ready to keep streets clear.

The slightly warmer temperatures on Monday helped dry out the main roads, but all that snowmelt could cause some serious problems on certain roads. Warm asphalt and air helped clear snowy roads Monday, but colder weather at night means you can't let your guard down.

Jerry Roberts, the Osage County Emergency Management Director said certain spots like hills or bridges where snowmelt turns to ice could cause problems.

"There will be some black ice," Roberts said.

Lara Weber with the City of Tulsa said the same is true for urban streets.

"We expect a refreeze again before the potential for additional snowfall tomorrow," Weber said.

Both Weber and Roberts said they'll have crews on standby to take care of any trouble spots.

"Nearly 40 employees will report back this evening to work overnight," Weber said.

Steve Allen with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority said they're stepping up to the task with new heavy machinery. A new large plow rig does the work of two trucks, scrapes by with half the manpower, and it does it all faster than a normal plow truck.

"We can move about 40 miles-per-hour, 45-miles-per-hour with this truck, where the other one we're topping out at about 30-35 miles-per-hour," Allen said.

The increased speed and increased snow clearing capacity will help crews keep any additional snowfall at bay.

Roberts said now is a good time to put together an emergency winter kit in your car.

It can be simple and include things like blankets, snacks, and water. Roberts said it gives a little extra insurance just in case you do get stranded on an uncleared road.