Family Remembers Sand Springs Mother Of 5 Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver

Thursday, December 17th 2020, 10:14 pm


This is the second Christmas a Sand Springs family will spend without Jennifer Holt, a mother of five children.

She was killed last year by a suspected drunk driver and charges were moved from state to federal court just this week.

It was a day Jennifer Holt's daughter, Sarah Hemphill, said haunts her when she least expects it.

"I remember having that image in my head," Hemphill said.

Hemphill got a phone call last November at 2 a.m. that her mother Jennifer Holt had been involved in a bad crash.

Police said Hector Hernandez was drunk when he hit one vehicle, was speeding away from that crash, and then he slammed head-on into Holt’s vehicle near 81st and Garnett.

Holt worked in a hospital and was taking her dinner break.

"Hitting one vehicle and hitting another, that's not coincidental," Hemphill said.

Federal prosecutors charged Hernandez with second-degree murder Wednesday. He's being charged in federal court, because Holt was native American, based on a recent Supreme Court ruling.

"They're going to prosecute him for second-degree murder instead of manslaughter, which we're super excited for," Hemphill said.

Hemphill said Holt was a mom to five kids who was selfless, smart and creative.

"My mom was always supportive. There wasn't a bone in her that was mean,” Hemphill said.

She said her mom was working to become a registered nurse and it inspired her to go into the medical field too.

"If you needed the shirt off your back, she would not hesitate," Hemphill said

Hemphill said her mom was a truly innocent victim, and she hopes her mother's story will make people think twice about driving drunk.

She said this charge is one step toward getting justice for her mother.

"I'm so thankful that it's unbelievable," Hemphill said.

Hernandez's attorney did not wish to make a comment.