Seasonal Grief May Worsen Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic, Mental Health Experts Say

Friday, December 18th 2020, 10:13 am
By: News On 6

The holidays are often a stressful time for people and this year, it can be even worse.

Dealing with loss during the holiday season can be a major struggle, whether it is from job loss, divorce, or even dealing with the death of a loved one.

According to mental health experts, with this year's pandemic, anyone going through seasonal grief may experience it even harder.

"The healing we often get, that good feeling we get from coming together this time of year, we are missing out on," said Chirst Taylor with Chance to Chance. "This is an opportunity to see family, maybe friends that we haven't seen in years."

For those interested in mental health resources, see the list below.

  1. Family and Children's Services - (918)-744-4800
  2. Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - (918)-588-8888
  3. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK