OHP, Local Law Enforcement Agencies Crack Down On New Year’s Eve Drunk Driving

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 8:14 am
By: Cal Day

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies across the state to crack down on people drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve. OHP said IT will increase patrols and establish DUI checkpoints to keep people safe.

In the Tulsa metro, OHP said they will partner with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, Tulsa Police and other local agencies to increase patrolling. OHP officials said this is done annually, but people still get behind the wheel of a car after drinking too much.

In addition to the safety risks, the decision to drive after drinking can cost thousands of dollars in fees. Many instances consist of people who feel fine to drive but become impaired on their commute, according to OHP

“New Year’s Eve is always famous for being a holiday where people go out, celebrate the holiday,” said Trooper Russell Callicoat, Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “There is alcohol involved, there’s always parties involved so this holiday is very important to us to make sure we try to keep everybody safe.”

Trooper Callicoat recommended finding a designated driver and looking into ride-sharing apps as alternatives to drinking and driving.