Creek Co. Family-Run Motocross Track To Remain Open After Neighbor Complaints

Monday, January 11th 2021, 9:47 pm
By: Amy Avery


A family-run motocross track in Creek County is allowed to stay open after several complaints about noise and traffic.

"Bubb's Creek Motocross" is about four miles west of Kellyville and neighbors are concerned it will decrease their property values.

The Creek County Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously in favor of the track staying open with some restrictions. They said Bubb's Creek can only operate one weekend a month during the daytime hours from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The owners said they're happy to be able to share their love of motocross with people here in the county.

"When I was two years old my dad put me on a dirt bike and I never stopped,” said Jackson Brassfield.

Jackson has been riding dirt bikes with his dad, Jack, for most of his life.

They've traveled all around the country racing and he even holds the title of 2019 Hoosier Arena-Cross National Champion.

"You meet a lot of new people,” said Jackson. “It's just a really good time."

The Brassfields started building Bubb's Creek last summer. The track sits on 20 acres of a 120 acre lot that Brassfield's wife's family owns near Kellyville.

Shortly after their first event, they received a letter from the county saying there were complaints about the track.

"We observed trucks and cars driving down our road at record speed,” said neighbor, Dr. Sandra Dimmitt-Caroll.

"Traffic was so bad it looked like they detoured the turnpike," another neighbor, Kevin McGuire said.

Neighbors say they're also concerned about the noise and their property values decreasing.

Owner Jack Brassfield said they don't want to make anyone mad about the track. They just hope people understand the financial benefits this could provide to Creek County.

“They’re going to stop at hotels and restaurants,” said Jack. “It’s going to bring money into Creek County.”

Brassfield said he also hopes Bubb’s Creek provides a fun alternative for kids who are looking for a new sport to try.

"It gets them out here with their mom, dad, sister and brother in the sunshine and they get to ride their dirt bike how great is that," said Jack.

The land is still zoned as agricultural land, so this is considered to be an exemption to the zoning requirements.