Muskogee Police Release 911 Call From Deadly Mass Shooting

Friday, March 12th 2021, 9:16 pm
By: News On 6


Muskogee Police release the 911 call made by a man accused of opening fire inside a home last month, killing five children and his own brother, and wounding the children’s mother.

News On 6 wants to warn viewers the audio may be graphic.

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During the call from February 2, he hands the phone to the mother, Brittany Anderson, who at one point said she thinks she's dying. Anderson clearly sounds like she's in pain and afraid to tell the dispatcher who did it, because the suspect was standing right next to her.

"I need an ambulance," the alleged shooter said in the call.

Police said that voice was accused killer Jarron Pridgeon, calling for an ambulance. He then passed the phone to Anderson who told a dispatcher she has been shot and so have her kids.

"I need an ambulance, I've been shot," said, "My kids have been shot."

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The dispatcher repeatedly assured Anderson help is on the way.

"They're coming as fast as they can okay," said the dispatcher. "Is the assailant still nearby? Can you hear me, is the attacker still nearby?

"Yes," Anderson said.

"What is the name of the person that did this to you?" the dispatcher asked.

"I can't say," Anderson responds.

"Is there a person still there with you?" asked the dispatcher.

"Yeah, I'm here," the accused shooter said.

You can hear Brittany moaning in pain during the call and she asks about her kids, since she can't hear them.

"They're coming okay," the dispatcher said. "They're coming as fast as they can."

Muskogee Police say Pridgeon shot and killed five kids from ages one to nine and his brother. He wounded Anderson but she survived.

Police said it was the most horrific thing to happen in Muskogee in decades.

"The officers are going to take care of you, okay?" the dispatcher said.

Pridgeon remains in the jail for six counts of murder and one count of shooting with intent to kill.  

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