School Bus Transformed Into Resource On Wheels Helping Jenks Trojans ‘Read The Way’

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 5:37 pm

JENKS, Oklahoma -

A Jenks school bus is being transformed into a reading haven for students. The bus will be run by volunteers who hope to have enough brand-new books that the kids can keep them. 

The Trojans Read the Way Bookmobile is an idea years in the making.

"We realized that not all of our students have equitable access to the library or to activities and resources in the summertime," said Jenks teacher Karen Workun. 

That idea started as a suggestion, then became a fundraising effort, and finally transformed into a school bus that is becoming a resource on wheels for every child in the Jenks School District.

"Our original idea was to get books in the hands of as many kids as possible during the summertime. So, two years ago we just loaded up with cartons of books and saw kids at apartment complexes and did what we could but now with this Bookmobile we are going to be able to go more places- both sides of the river," said Jenks High School Associate Principal Eric Fox.  

The Jenks Foundation and community members came together to raise the money needed. 

"Our team out at facilities and in transportation have been invaluable partners through this, they have been the hands and feet of this work, to build bookshelves and to put flooring in the book bus and to install LED lights inside and to do work on the engine," said Workun. 

Staff members across the district are volunteering to work on the bus. The idea right now is to have enough volunteers and books so the bus can run two days a week and hopefully show up at events for students. 

"We are going to reach as many places in the district as we can," said Fox. 

There will be a fridge stocked with popsicles, air conditioning inside for hot summer days and shelves of books.

"Maybe they trade them back in but maybe they fall in love with the book, and they cherish it and they hold onto it and that is great," said Fox. 

"That really is the Jenks spirit, everyone collaborating together to make things possible," said Karen. 

If you would like to help stock the Bookmobile, there is an Amazon Wishlist set up here.