Defense Attorneys For January 6th Capitol Riot Suspects Tour Capitol

Friday, June 4th 2021, 5:45 pm
By: News On 6


Tours of the United States Capitol were suspended in March of last year due to the pandemic and have yet to resume. But there will be one tomorrow, for a certain group of defense attorneys.

Federal prosecutors recently notified attorneys representing those charged in the January 6 insurrection that they would have the opportunity, should they choose to accept it, to view the crime scene, which in this case is the Capitol,

Well-known Oklahoma City attorney Irven Box arrived in Washington today, eager to take advantage of the opportunity

"As a defense attorney," said Box in an interview today, "I’ve got to do every step, cover every step, and this is one of those steps. 

Box and his son Tyler are representing 37-year-old Danielle Nicole Doyle, who is charged with unlawful entry into the Capitol, disorderly conduct, and two other misdemeanors.

"And those each carry a year in prison and one carries six months," said the attorney.

Box says it is strange to think of the Capitol as a crime scene, but that's what it is in this case, and he feels that touring it is the best thing to do for his client.

"So, we’re going to look at the areas where they said that she entered the Capitol," Box stated, "and I think at the end of this tour, Monday or Tuesday, we’ll get with the U.S. Attorney and we'll try to negotiate or resolve this case."

Box believes, at least as far as his client is concerned, this is a case of getting caught up in what he calls the mass hysteria of the moment.

"Some of the people went on in had no idea," he said, "and in my particular case, the client I have, she’s told me, 'Oh my gosh, what am I doing in here?'"

Doyle is one of at least 5 Oklahomans charged so far in the insurrection and among some 400 nationwide to be charged. Box doesn't know how many other defense attorneys will show up tomorrow, but he hopes his presence will help his client.

"I just tell you that she is sorry," said Box. "She’s humble and she’s excepting that responsibility of what she did."

Box expects they may be able to finalize a plea agreement for his client in the next few weeks.