Bartlesville 12-Year-Old Completes Challenge Of Mowing 50 Lawns For People In Need

Monday, June 21st 2021, 9:39 pm


A 12-year-old Bartlesville boy has made a big impact across the city after taking on a challenge to mow 50 yards for people in need for free.

Tony Leeson Jr. said he's so proud he completed the 50 Yard Challenge and said the best part is seeing the smiles after every job. For the past year, TJ has been taking his mower to yard after yard, with his mom and dad right there with him.

"I was really excited, yet on the other hand, I was really nervous not knowing who I was going to meet," TJ said.

Last July, TJ accepted the 50 Yard Challenge from a nonprofit called Raising Men Lawn Care. It challenges kids to mow 50 yards for people in need.

The Bartlesville FOP gave him a new mower to get the job done.

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"Elderly, disabled, veterans, all kinds of people, it would make them so happy, and it would make me happy too," TJ said.

TJ worked with his mom, Debbie, and dad, Tony, in the cold and heat to complete the challenge. Finally, they finished their 50th yard for disabled veteran Jerry Gilliland.

"These people offered to mow my yard for free," Gilliland said. "I was mowing it, but it took me three days."

Gilliland said TJ did such a good job that he wants to pay him going forward.

"I'm the last one," Gilliland said. "From now on, he'll get paid to do it."

"We're very proud of him, he stuck to it," Debbie Leeson said.

TJ said he's proud of his hard work, but even prouder to know he helped a lot of people in the process.

"You're helping the community," TJ said. "It's the little things that makes a subtle difference, that touches your heart. Like that's pretty dang nice."

The nonprofit's organizer will visit TJ soon to give him a brand-new mower, weed eater and blower for completing the challenge.

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