Endurocross Racing Comes To The BOK Center

Friday, September 17th 2021, 11:33 am
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Friday, crews brought in truckloads of dirt and giant tires to create an extreme motorcycle course at the BOK Center. Dozens of EnduroCross competitors will be in Tulsa for this weekend's race.

“It’s pretty exciting there is definitely going to be some good crashes and some spectacular passes and lots of good action. The crowd usually gets into it too," said Spenser Wilton.

Wilton is visiting Tulsa from Canada to compete in Saturday's first round of the EnduroCross racing season. Wilton said the track looks challenging.

“We brought in over a hundred truckloads of dirt. We brought in several loads of rocks, logs, and anything else we think we can throw at these competitors for this weekend to make their racing around this track very challenging," said Tod Hammock.

Hammock is a Tulsan and is also the event coordinator for AMA EnduroCross. He said this is the first time Tulsa has been the host city. “In the span of two weeks there is a lot of motorsports action in Tulsa and we feel we’re one of the ones that you need to come to see. This is something that’s not scripted. These riders are from all over the world. They are actually the best at what anybody can do on an off-road motorcycle," said Hammock.

He said the sport has grown a lot and it'll be an exciting night for people who come out to watch. “It’s definitely a lot harder than what I’m used to down in Canada. It’s a beautiful area it’s definitely a cool place to be racing dirt bikes," said Wilton.