Bartlesville Mom Uses Billboard To Share Dangers Of Fentanyl After Losing 18-Year-Old Son

Tuesday, October 12th 2021, 9:38 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell


A mother in Bartlesville put up a billboard in town to bring awareness to the dangers of Fentanyl after losing her 18-year-old son to an overdose earlier this year. 

She said this one pill can ruin the lives of an entire family, forever. 

Amber Sanders said she wanted to put this billboard up to spark conversation between parents and their kids about how dangerous and deadly Fentanyl is.

The billboard reads "Check your pills, Fentanyl kills" and now sits off Frank Phillips Boulevard near Comanche Avenue. 

"One pill can kill, that's what I've been trying to tell everybody,” Sanders said. “Never think it can't happen to you because it can.”

Sanders put up the billboard after losing her son Zach to an overdose in January at just 18 years old. Sanders said her son was a hilarious kid who loved skateboarding, and never met a stranger. 

"Zach did not have an addiction problem with pills at all, this was I want to say a spur of the moment, I never thought this would happen to Zach," Sanders said. 

She said life will never be the same after losing Zach, and she wants to bring awareness to the dangers of Fentanyl laced pills. 

"Education is a must, there's not a lot of families out there that are aware of illegal fentanyl, they're not knowing how it's putting into pills and how kids of any age can take it," she said. 

Sanders said she always wants to push for accountability, and wants the people selling drugs laced with Fentanyl to be held responsible. 

"Our family has suffered a tremendous loss, I had four boys, and now I have three," she said. 

Sanders said she hopes to keep the billboard up at least another month and is raising money through this GoFundMe.