Doctors Credit Good Samaritan Who Called 911 With Saving Woman’s Life From Assault

Friday, October 15th 2021, 9:28 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Doctors said, without a doubt, a good Samaritan who called 911 when she saw a man attacking a woman, saved that woman's life. 

Patty Beaston said she knew the lady was hurt and needed help, and that she had to do something. 

"I saw a lady falling down in the street, saw a man over her, and wailing his arms at her," Beaston said. 

Beaston was driving to get dinner in April 2020 when she noticed a man attacking a woman. 

"I could tell something was wrong, and so I grabbed my phone and called 911," she said. 

Doctors testified at the suspect's trial last week that without Beaston’s call for help, the victim would have died. 

The jury found Billie Dee Williams guilty of assault likely to cause death. 

"Patty calling the way she did, absolutely helped save her life,” Kenneth Elmore, who runs the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office Special Victim Unit, said.  “What the doctors told us is that applying that torniquet that fast is what allowed her to have as good of an outcome as she did.” 

Elmore said this case was unique because it was a domestic violence case, happening in broad daylight on the street. He said the worst thing people can do in a situation like that is sit and watch. 

"By you calling, by you getting the right people there to help, whether it's to stop them or arrest them or get them medical treatment, you can save a life," he said. 

"I was just at the right time at the right place I believe, you know I'm glad I called," Beaston said. 

Prosecutors say the victim is now recovering and doing well.