Pryor Artist Creates Lion Out Of Hay, Drawing Crowds From Across The Country

Wednesday, October 20th 2021, 5:33 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Pryor woman created a lion out of hay, and she said people all over the country are traveling to see it for themselves.

The Country Road in Pryor has a quiet charm but for the past three years, Lesa Ritchie has been creating art out of hay.

"I did a cow that was IsaBALE, and then I did my Airedale Terrier, and his name was George the AireBALE," Lesa said. The year before was claraBALE.

"I got the tractor, picked up the bales of hay and put them where she told me to put them and then I stepped back and watched," said Kim Ritchie, Lesa's husband. 

This year, Lesa wanted to take her art one step further. 

"This has been a hard year, couple years for lots of people including my family," said Lesa.

Lesa is a Christian and believes the Lion of Judah is a symbol of strength.

"He fights my battles; he gives me hope every day," said Lesa. 

"This was put on her heart to give people hope and assurance that the Lord is in control," said Kim. 

This country road isn't so quiet anymore. Families have come from all over Oklahoma and beyond, to see the lion in person.

"She has received messages and comments from people all over the United States- we have had people saying they wanted to drive here from Montana," said Kim. 

The time Lesa put into her art this year is evident.

"He is made out of round bales and square bales. I have some good friends, the Matthews, and they gave me all the cornstalks from their garden," said Lesa, "His tail is made out of my Cherokee seed bank seeds."

This lion is a gem in Pryor now and a reminder that a little something good can inspire people in ways you didn't even realize.