Family Reunites In Tulsa Months After Fleeing Afghanistan

Tuesday, November 9th 2021, 5:33 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A family reunites here in Oklahoma a month after fleeing Afghanistan during the takeover by the Taliban. 

The husband flew to Tulsa this Tuesday to be with his wife and daughter after staying at a military base for more than two months. The family tells News On 6 they are beyond grateful to be here in Oklahoma, starting over again but say their hearts are with their family and friends still in Afghanistan facing an unknown future.

Kristy, her husband, and their little girl were in the chaos of families pleading with the US military and the Taliban to leave Afghanistan. They had been living there for 7 years and knew it wasn't safe to stay anymore. They were approved to leave, once they got to the United States Kristy and her daughter left to reunite with family here in Oklahoma Faramarz Afshar had to stay longer on the military base. He says he spent his nights thinking about his daughter.

The family is slowly trying to rebuild their lives while also trying to raise awareness for the reality of the situation for families back in Afghanistan and the need for resources.

"I am happy because and I am especially happy that they are going to be reunited because he misses her and she misses him, but I am also sad because my attention is still back there," said Kristy Afshar. 

Right now, this family is safe and dreaming about what their future here in America could look like.

If you would like to help refugee families like the Afshar's you can support Catholic Charities who has been asked by the US State Department to help 800 Afghan Refugee families locate to Tulsa. 

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