Man Accused Of Trying To Kill His Wife At Tulsa International Airport Appears In Court

Friday, January 7th 2022, 4:33 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa County Judge has ordered a man who is accused of trying to shoot and kill his wife at the Tulsa International Airport to stand trial.

Joseph Watson was arrested in early December.

For the first time, we are hearing what it was like for the wife and for an officer at the airport who was shot in the chest and saved by his vest. Watson's wife testified that just days before the shooting, Watson had accused her of cheating on him and strangled her and only stopped because their grandkids walked into the room.

Investigators say Watson showed up at the airport on November 30th, because he knew his wife and grandkids were flying back to Tulsa from visiting family. His wife testified she was at baggage claim she saw Watson outside with a gun in his waistband, so she and her grandkids decided to hide.

She called her daughter who had come to pick them up and said as they were rushing to get into the car, her husband fired several shots at them, hitting the car three times.

Another victim, who happened to be in a shuttle bus with her family testified she heard the shots and then was grazed by a bullet in her chest. An airport officer testified he went to confront Watson and Watson shot at him and his partner four to five times. One of those bullets hit the officer in the chest, only stopped by his vest.

Detectives say Watson admitted to everything and even told police if he hadn't been arrested, he would have finished the job of killing his wife, the man he thought she was seeing, and then get into a shootout with police.