Pawnee Nation Buys Land To Help Tribal Households Affected By Pandemic

Friday, January 14th 2022, 4:26 pm

The Pawnee Nation has more than doubled in size after recently buying two pieces of land.

A 1,100-acre tract of land, east of Maramec, now belongs to the Pawnee Nation.

Pawnee Nation plans to use it for their growing cattle operations.

The land was purchased in December of 2021, with money from the American Rescue Plan Act.

The act included plans to use the land for the nation’s Household Assistance and Food Security Program.

The Pawnee Nation said the program will provide fresh meat to hard-hit tribal households affected by the pandemic, which has disrupted the food chain.

The tribe plans to have around 450 head of cattle grazing the pasture soon.

They also purchased a 48-acre piece of land in Pawnee near their headquarters, which will be used to raise cattle as well.