City Of Tulsa Equality Score Slightly Drops

Friday, January 14th 2022, 6:36 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

New data from the city of Tulsa shows how the city is doing when it comes to improving equality.

The city's equality score actually went down this year compared to last.

Tulsa scored 39.2 out of 100. Whereas in 2020, it was 39.6.

However, the score is up from when this information first started coming in four years ago, which shows Tulsa is moving toward greater equality.

The city and the Community Service Council record this information together each year.

It's designed to track the level of inequality in 6 key areas, which include economic opportunity, education, housing, justice, public health, and services.

This report that came out January 14 found that in the last 5 years, Tulsa improved in four of the areas.

The two areas that have declined are housing and justice.

One area where the city has greatly improved is "internet access by race" and "business ownership by gender."

Mayor G.T. Bynum said this information serves as a tool to track Tulsa's progress so we can work collectively to create a more equitable city.

You can find the full 13-page document on the News On 6 website.