Broken Arrow City Council Allows City Workers To Fill As School Staff

Tuesday, January 18th 2022, 9:26 pm

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

Broken Arrow City Councilors voted on the night of January 18 to allow city workers to also fill in as school staff.

The biggest hope the city has for the plan is that it will keep kids in class.

Broken Arrow Public Schools set records with the number of teachers and school staff out.

On January 14, more than 700 school employees were out.

Because of this, Broken Arrow's council voted to allow city employees to step in and help fill in gaps.

Some who are qualified may be teaching while others may fill in on the support staff side.

The city said staff would earn their usual city pay while filling in for the schools.

No matter the role, everyone filling in would have to go through the same background checks as a teacher.

City Councilor Scott Eudey understands it may not be an ideal solution.

However, he believes it is better than kids reverting back to virtual learning.

"Now I understand that they’re not, they may not be trained teachers. But for a day or two to be able to step in and make sure that your kids get to stay in the classroom, I think we should be applauding that they’re willing to do it," he said.

With the plan approved, the city manager will start the application process for city staff who want to help the schools.