Tulsa Opera Volunteers At The Community Food Bank Of Eastern Oklahoma

Thursday, January 20th 2022, 5:48 pm

The Tulsa Opera spent the day at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

They packed up bags of food for Oklahomans in need.

Food Bank employees said volunteers help them save money, which goes right back into the community.

"I know the power of community," said Dani Keil, Director of Outreach for the Tulsa Opera.

Food insecurity in Oklahoma is an ongoing issue.

"For us here in Oklahoma, it is one out of every six adults have food insecurity. That ends up being one out of every four kids and one out of every 10 seniors. So, there is probably someone you know who has food insecurity. They may not tell you about it," said Dwayne Sheridan, with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is doing all they can to make sure Oklahomans aren't going hungry.

"It is about 30 million pounds of food a year we have coming through these doors," said Sheridan, "I love for people to be taken care of as far as food goes but to know they are being cared for. A box of food isn't going to change a life today, but it does make sure people know we care about them. They are loved."

Thousands of volunteers come through these doors every year.

"Some days it is just e-mails and calendars like everyone else's job but then there are these really great events we get to do. It is really fulfilling!" said Keil.

"During the pandemic when the company really saw a need--we can take our music out into the community when we were shut down during the pandemic and we couldn't do our large-scale production," said Keil.

The idea is to bring the Tulsa Opera's talents to parks and parades and to the Food Bank, giving back to the community they love to entertain.

"There is a lot of need but there is a lot of people giving," said Sheridan.

The Food Bank can always use volunteers, if you'd like to help: https://okfoodbank.org/volunteer/