Thieves Cut Hole In Wall To Steal From Tulsa Dispensary

Wednesday, March 23rd 2022, 5:02 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

For the seventh time since opening his dispensary business, Omar Lark is cleaning up after burglars broke in.

Lark, who owns Gibbs Green Dispensary at 46th Street North and Peoria, says he got a call from his alarm company around 3:45 this morning that someone had broken through the back wall of their business, forced their way inside, and stole a safe, cannabis and a bolted down ATM.

"And they cleaned us out," he said.

Lark met police at the store but quickly realized this break-in was a little different from the previous ones.

The thieves had cut the wires outside, knocking out power and surveillance cameras.

"I imagine it's some kind of crew,” said Lark. “I'm pretty sure they did it before."

With no surveillance video this time, police don't have much to go on, but Lark says police told him they're looking for a White Tahoe or Suburban seen leaving the area.

Lark says while it’s frustrating that thieves keep getting in, he's not letting this deter him or his business.

"This has gotta stop,” said Lark. “There's a lot of small businesses that are out here that depend on this business…it’s really heartbreaking when people try to come and just take stuff. I don't get it."

Lark has hired a security guard to try and help. 

He also is hoping to find some surveillance footage from neighboring businesses.