Tulsa FMAC Building Up Database Of Potential Oklahoma Film Locations

Wednesday, May 4th 2022, 5:31 am

Tulsa's Office for Film, Music, Arts and Culture is asking for the community’s help to build up its database for possible filming locations around Green Country.

With Tulsa becoming a film industry hot spot, the Tulsa FMAC is asking more people to register their property and possessions into their film database as a way for producers to look at a virtual catalog. 

Tom Warren with Meadow Lake Ranch decided to try out registering his property several years ago in the Tulsa Creativity Database. He said now his property is one of the most popular film locations around. 

“We’ve actually shot six or seven features now and half a dozen national commercials, tv shows, movies, a couple documentaries, it’s been a real fun experience,” Warren said. 

He tells us the demand for Oklahoma landscape got his ranch in “Minari”, the film nominated for six academy awards last year. 

“We have become a hot spot for filming here,” Warren said. “We have a little of everything, lakes, fences, barns, roads, prairies, woods, horses, cows, everything that is Oklahoma is compacted right here. They can come to one location and shoot a lot of things at once.”

He said Minari shot on the ranch for about two months and most of the movie scenes are from his property. 

This all started when the Tulsa FMAC asked the community for location and props help. FMAC Executive Director Abby Kurin said they never expected Tulsa to become so popular. 

“Our mission is to promote Tulsa as a film destination and top music city that it is and also connect individuals to the resources available within Tulsa,” Kurin said. 

Now, years later, their needs are even higher than before. Kurin tells us they have had several repeat customers due to the state’s film incentives and opportunities. 

“Once you get people to Tulsa they love it and they want to come back,” Kurin sad. 

Kurin said this database is packed full of houses, businesses, cars, and more to draw people in to the area, but you can never have too many options, which is where you come in. She said they need people to help tell these stories and be a part of the great content coming to theaters. 

That registration can be done within a few minutes on the Tulsa FMAC website by clicking on the Tulsa Creativity Database tab. 

To register Click Here.

If your property is chosen, you will be compensated for the use and time. That price varies by project. 

If you aren’t comfortable listing your property publicly, there is a privacy option that would only allow certain people to see your listing.