Jenks Residents Say Drainage Issues In Their Neighborhood Leads To Flooding

Thursday, May 5th 2022, 6:25 pm

JENKS, Oklahoma -

Neighbors in one Jenks neighborhood said every time it rains, they have to deal with flooding.

For Chris Ashlock and others on East F Street, they said when it rains, it pours and floods. “I’m talking probably millions of gallons of water within 20 minutes time," said Chris Ashlock.

Ashlock said the City of Jenks installed a storm drain outside his house, but it had to be removed because it was connected to a sewer. He said the city installed a French drain, but it doesn't help.

Ashlock said it leaves his front yard looking like a lake and damages the house and foundation. “Generally, every time it rains, I have to stay home and pump water across the street to a tension area,” said Ashlock.

Ashlock's next door neighbor is feeling the impact too. "It makes it hard. When it’s all full of water when it rains, my 93-year-old mother can’t get out to the mailbox at all," said Ashlock.

Russell Childers said his main concern is the fact residents have paid a storm water drainage tax for years.

He said while the drainage is an issue, he wants transparency from the city. “Where is all this tax money, where’s it gone to? That’s, you know, what I’m wondering," said Childers.

“They could come in here and cut the ditches the proper way or put a proper storm draining system in. That would really fix the problem," said Ashlock.

The City of Jenks issued a statement saying: “The City of Jenks is aware of this and our Engineering Department is currently in the stage of finalizing a plan to address the drainage. We look forward to providing a solution to the residents in this area.“