Tulsa Riverside Airport Expecting Hundreds Of Private Planes, Goodyear Blimp For PGA

Wednesday, May 11th 2022, 5:53 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Golf balls won't be the only thing flying through the air next week in Tulsa. The Goodyear blimp and hundreds of private planes are expected in town for the PGA.

It was about this time last year when Osage SkyNews 6 spotted a Goodyear blimp passing through town, and this time next week, one of the famous blimps will return to Tulsa skies.

This time it will be here to stay for a few days, with its home base at Tulsa Riverside Airport; just two miles from all the action at Southern Hills.

“It is exciting, but more nervous than anything,” Christiansen Jet Center Manager Bryan Christiansen said.

Christiansen will be managing all of the chaos as golfers and spectators touch down in Tulsa. “Hopefully organized, controlled chaos,” he said.

Once people arrive, Christiansen Jet Center employees will be working long days to make sure fuel needs are met, and parking about 20 planes an hour.

Next week, nearly every hanger and ramp will be full, with an expected 300 to 400 aircraft flying in and out of Riverside. That is a number this airport is not used to seeing.

“Only during the PGA. On a normal basis during the week, we might see 40, 50, 60,” Christiansen said.

The main ramp where planes will be parked looks empty now, but Christensen said every bit of space will be used next week.

“It is never totally full, other than golf tournaments. And even the ’07 tournament it was not totally full. But this one will be, this one will be different,” he said.

Christensen was at the airport the last time the PGA came to Tulsa -- 15 years ago. He is expecting it to be even busier this year.

Whether it's the big blimp or a little jet, Tulsa Riverside is ready to see just as much action in the air, as everyone at the golf course.