Floral Haven Funeral Home Hosts 50th 'Avenue Of Flags' Tribute

Saturday, May 28th 2022, 9:34 pm

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

The Floral Haven Funeral Home, Crematory & Cemetery in Broken Arrow celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Avenue of Flags tribute Saturday morning.

The event honors veterans who have died and are buried in the cemetery.

4,253 flags were raised to honor veterans who have passed on, each representing the name of a veteran that Floral Haven will work to preserve forever.

"Every time you hear the little dog tags kind of clank against the pole in the wind, it's almost like hearing the sound of freedom," Still said.

The flags are donated and placed in a veteran's casket when they were buried.

This event is a family affair for Jim Wright.

Wrights father is being honored as one of the veterans whose flag will be hanged for the first time.

Wright's dad would come to honor his grandparents, who are also buried here.

Now, on this year's Memorial Day, it's time for him to do the same.

"He saw this go down every year and I'm sure he's looking down in heaven pretty proud that he's being honored as well," Wright said.

Walter Still with Floral Haven said the Avenue of Flags tribute is always a community effort.

Several local high school ROTC kids passed on the flag to the veteran's families which Still said is what Memorial Day is all about.

"This casket flag has significance to the family," Still said. "It has significance to our staff and to everyone that comes here."

Wright said it is an honor for Floral Haven to carry on his father's name, and an even bigger privilege to be his son.

"It brings a tear to your eye because you feel how much they mean to you," Wright said.