Diesel Exhaust Fluid Shortage Affecting Truck Drivers Nationwide

Wednesday, June 15th 2022, 6:21 pm

Truck drivers already struggling with extremely high fuel prices are also dealing with more expensive Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which is a key product needed for most everything that runs on diesel.

Truck drivers with newer models must fill up their DEF tank about every other fueling, which is more expensive.

Now, there's a possibility of some shortages, which is adding to the problems.

“We used to spend about $500 a week on fuel, we’re now spending $1,200,” said Larry Miles.

Larry Miles has been driving a truck since 1959.

He now works in the safety department at John Christner Trucking and said the prices of fuel and now DEF are really hurting truckers.

“About every other fueling, you have to duel your DEF tank up," Miles said.

Nearly anything that runs on diesel needs Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

A lot of factors are leading to short supply and high prices, including the war between Russia and Ukraine.

"It uses Urea, which Russia and China are the top two exporters of.”

Urea is also in fertilizer, so with agriculture costs going up, less is going to transportation.

Agriculture teacher Lane Ullrich said his family drives tractors and many farmers are struggling to pay for DEF and diesel.

“You’re spending thousands of dollars a week on diesel," said Ullrich. "That does not include maintenance.”

Because trucks and tractors help supply almost everything, that means the cost of food and supplies is going up.

Miles said it’s scary to see, and it’s forcing smaller trucking companies out of business.

“We just want the freedom to afford to feed out family," said Miles.

Ullrich said keeping people aware of the issues and how it’ll trickle down to each person is the best way to demand change.

“The impact is destroying the industry, but with a solid good company like JCT, we’re striving to go forward," Miles said.

Truck drivers and farmers said this isn't just fuel and DEF prices up.

Everything from oil to antifreeze is increasing too, and it'll keeping coming back to customers.