New Bridge Design Makes Quick Work For Sapulpa Replacement Project

Friday, June 24th 2022, 6:24 pm

SAPULPA, Oklahoma -

The bridge on south 33rd west avenue between 71st and 81st Streets in Sapulpa is getting replaced. The new design allowed the bridge structure to be installed in one day.

Experts said most bridge replacement projects take weeks or even months to complete, but this one here in Sapulpa will only take a few days from start to finish.

Sapulpa residents Ruth Seefeldt said the bridge on South 33rd West Avenue has been standing for more than 60 years.

“It has been a long time coming we are very glad to have it done, my husband has been asking for this for ten years,” Seefeldt said.

The new bridge was designed by Premier Steel Services. Premier Steel President Andy Vanaman said it’s a "fast-cast" bridge, meaning it can be installed in just one day.

“It’s built in a facility, it comes out like a Lego set, it goes together very easy,” Vanaman said.

Vanaman said the demo of the old bridge and adding the final concrete touches of the new bridge happen over a few days.

However, he said this design is still much faster than other more traditional bridge replacement projects that take months or even years.

Seefeldt lives right beside the bridge, she and her friends decided a bridge that could be installed in a day is something worth watching.

"I took the day off are you kidding this is wonderful to see this new technology,” Seefeldt said.

She said they have never seen anything like this. They even set up a tailgate and said they would bring out the grill for lunch while watching the progress being made.

“It’s just wonderful to see construction next to my house and see things improving so well it makes me proud to live in Tulsa,” Seefeldt said.

Vanaman believes this is a quick and safe fix to one of the dozens of dilapidated bridges across Oklahoma.

Project leaders said the road and bridge should be completed and back open by the middle of next week.