Living In Tulsa Retirement Community Is A Natural Fit For Nine-Year-Old Girl

Wednesday, June 29th 2022, 5:05 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A nine-year-old girl is living in a Tulsa retirement community. 

Her family moved to town because her dad is the new CEO of Montereau, and they have not found a house in Tulsa just yet. Before she moved into a retirement community, Sofia Nield had only bowled a handful of times. Now she is a regular with the bowling group at Montereau, the first child to be a part of the group. 

“Oh, she’s just a ray of sunshine,” resident Barbara Meyer said. 

 Meyer and the other seniors taught Sofia how to bowl with the Wii gaming system. Sofia has been alive just about as long as Barbara has lived at Montereau.   

 "Almost 10 years,” Meyer said.   

 The generational gap has only drawn them closer. 

 "She's got 350 grandparents here!” Meyer said. 

 "They always have something to talk about. They're always saying something interesting. And most of them have cute dogs,” Sofia said. 

 For Sofia, living with seniors is a natural fit. Just down the hall from bowling, she found her friend Andrea Smith. 

"When I had an injury, she was the first person there to walk my dog,” Smith said. 

 ANDREA: "Her name's Cappy." 

ANDREA AND SOFIA: "Short for Cappuccino." 

 "Where is she?" Sofia asked while working on a puzzle with Smith.  

“She's at the groomers, of all days. Because that would have been fun to have her here,” Smith said.  

"I think this has changed her life, even only at nine. She's got memories that will last a lifetime,” Scott Nield, Sofia’s dad, said. "We've got residents knocking on the door now for her to come out and play." 

The family moved here from the Atlanta area earlier this year. They have lived in 10 states and four countries. Now, they are looking to make one more move, out of Montereau.  

"It was important for us to find a home, not just a house. And so when the right home comes available then we'll make that move,” Scott said. 

As long as their new home is nearby, so Sofia can still be with her seniors. 

"We will be very sad the day that we have to leave Montereau,” Scott said. 

"I just wanna stay here. Stay here until I grow 70,” Sofia said.