Good Things Come In 3’s: OKCFD Station Welcomes Babies To The Family

Wednesday, July 13th 2022, 6:07 pm


The bond between firefighters is a real brotherhood. And for three Oklahoma City firefighters at station 7, that brotherhood just got a lot stronger.  

Stella, born September 15 of 2021, Crue, born March 21 of 2022, and Watson, born June 23 of 2022.  

The baby girls were all born to firefighters from station 7 on N.W. 23rd.  

“All the wives are real estate agents,” said Autumn Davis.  

“We all live withing five miles of each other,” said CPL Dillon Murray OKCFD.  

If you’re keeping count? Three firemen all working at the same fire station, with their real estate wives, all have baby girls within months of each other. And it keeps going.  

“Same hospital, same doctor, and pretty sure the same nurses,” said Sarah Murray.  

“It’s a neat situation for all the babies to be born so close together,” said Dr. Joseph Mitro, OBGYN.  

“It was just a great experience being able to take care of all of them. They’re all super fun, super nice, great families,” said Dr. Mitro.  

And with some many similarities, this had to be planned?  

“It started out as a joke, ok we’ll all have babies, and then it really happened,” said Austin Parasich.  

“I actually called Austin and I said I know I test every day, but I think I’m pregnant for real this time, and then I face timed Sarah and Dillon and I think that they were equally excited,” said Autumn Davis.  

The couples have always been close, but the babies have now bonded them to another level.  

“We’ve always kind of been in each other’s lives anyway, but this is just the cherry on top that we get to raise kids together,” said Lt. Kyle Parasich.  

The future for the families is lots of sleepovers, holiday dinners and sporting events, of course the girls all playing on the same teams.