Turley Triple Homicide Suspect Identified, Charged By Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

The suspect in a 2021 Turley triple homicide has been charged with the murders of Jack Grimes, Dewayne Selby and his mother, Glenda “Cookie” Parton, authorities announced on Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 13th 2023, 10:50 pm


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Tulsa County investigators believe they've solved a two-year-old triple murder investigation.

Jack Grimes, Glenda Parton, and Dwayne Selby went missing from Turley in 2021.

Investigators named John Goode as the suspect. Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado said Goode pleaded no contest to a separate murder charge earlier this week of Richard Bonat in May of 2022.

John B. Goode, person of interest, Turley homicides

It was a reduced charge of manslaughter in the first degree, and he was sentenced to 32.5 years in the Department of Corrections, according to Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney Erik Grayless.

“Today, we are announcing the charges being filed against suspect Johnny B. Goode,” Regalado said during a news conference on Wednesday.

Goode Charged for Turley Triple Homicide Case

“Today, we are announcing the charges being filed against suspect Johnny B. Goode,” Regalado said during a news conference on Wednesday.

Cookie Parton's daughter said she feels like she's reliving this all over again, and words cannot express what she is feeling. 

Investigators said John Goode was living in a barn at Jack Grimes and Dwayne Selby's property after they took him in, because he was homeless. 

He was the last person seen with Cookie Parton before she disappeared.

They also said they found papers and writings from Goode's tent he was living in that said things like "please forgive me" and "don't go out of your way to harass anybody even if you think you're right, could turn out to be very bad for you.”

Sheriff Vic Regalado said they still need the public's help with this investigation. 

"We still have work to do on this case. We still would ask the public that any information they would still be holding on to, they would call us, that there is no fear on this individual getting out,”

Investigators said Goode pleaded no contest in a separate murder case just yesterday and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. 

They are also looking at him in connection to a fifth murder.

Sheriff Regalado, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, Turley Update

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office shared this to Facebook on September 13 after the press conference:

Today 40-year-old John Bryan Goode was charged with the murders of Jack Grimes, Dewayne Selby and Dewayne's mother, Glenda "Cookie" Parton. All three of victim's were last seen in the Turley area with the suspect in October of 2021.
Grimes' remains were found in wooded area near 2045 E 59th Place October 31st, 2021. Selby and Parton's remains were found last month near 56th Street North and Highway 75.
Goode is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with this investigation. Yesterday he plead no contest in another homicide case that occurred in the City of Tulsa. He was sentenced to 32 years in that case and remains in the Tulsa County Jail.

More On Bonat Case

The man charged in the three Turley murders actually pleaded no contest on Tuesday to manslaughter and was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

John Goode had been charged with stabbing Richard Bonat to death in May of 2022, just seven months after Jack, Dewayne, and Cookie were killed.

It would make that the fourth murder, and investigators said Goode could be connected to a 5th one.

Officers said John Goode and Richard Bonat were both homeless.

They said Goode stabbed Bonat to death near Admiral and Sheridan and left Bonat in the street.

The Tulsa County district attorney’s office charged Goode with murder, and moments after a jury was picked in the case, Goode decided to take a plea where he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 32 years in prison.

James Williams New Case

Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado said Goode might be connected to another murder from September of 2021, just a month before Jack Grimes, Dewayne Selby, and Cookie Parton were killed.

In that case, the victim, James Williams, was found dead in his car in front of a home near 56th Street North and Lewis, near the home of Jack and Dewayne.

But no arrests were made, and the case went cold.

Assistant DA Erik Grayless said each case is treated separately, but his office will prosecute the murders to the fullest.

“The office has kept these cases separate, each case rises and falls on its own facts and merits," said Grayless. "The case in open court yesterday on the homicide was only related to that case, nothing related to other cases or other suspects.”

Court records show Goode has been convicted for other crimes in the past, including breaking and entering and making meth.

Goode has not been charged in the murder of James Williams, and investigators said they are still working on that case.

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Story Timeline: 3 People Missing In Turley In October of 2021

Dwayne Selby, 59, and his roommate, Jack Grimes,76, went missing on October 22nd, 2021. A pair of Silver Alerts were issued for the men that stated they were believed going to a horse show in Fort Worth, Texas, and driving Jack's 2001, Maroon four-door, Ford Taurus.

The car was found by deputies six days later at Mohawk Park.

Just days later, Glenda Parton, also disappeared supposedly while searching for her son Dwayne.

November 2021 Human Remains Found

On October 31st, scattered human remains were found in the woods less than a mile from the home of Jack Grimes. The medical examiner was called into do a more thorough investigation once they find all the remains, but authorities at the time said the remains were in poor condition.

"Due to the condition of the remains, we can't tell a lot about this person," TCSO's Casey Roebuck said. "We can't tell if it's male or female. So, the medical examiner is here. She's going to take possession of the body and hopefully help us make a positive identification on who this person is and tell us something about how this person died."

In November of 2021, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Officer confirmed the remains as Jack Grimes. The recovery and positive identification of Jack Grimes' body spurred the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to the woods for more evidence and potentially, two other people still missing.

There has been no sign of Parton Dwayne Selby since then.

How Did Jack Grimes Die?

In June of 2023, a new report from the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office revealed that Jack Grimes was shot to death. According to the report, Grimes was shot in the head and neck, and his body had been dismembered.

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