Body Camera Video Shows Claremore Police Arresting Man Accused Of Reckless Driving

New body camera video shows Claremore Police arresting a man last month, they said was driving more than 40 miles per hour over the speed limit with his two kids, drugs and weapons in the car.

Tuesday, July 9th 2024, 4:20 pm


New body camera video shows Claremore Police arresting a man last month, they said was driving more than 40 miles per hour over the speed limit with his two kids, drugs and weapons in the car.

Police say Brian Watson refused to get out of the car, so they to pulled his door open and immediately noticed he had a loaded gun inside the car.

Claremore Police said they stopped Watson because he was going 77 in a 35.

News On 6 talked to Watson on the phone after his arrest and he said he was out doing DoorDash and wasn't paying attention to his speed. He said he wishes he could go back to that day because it turned into a lot more than it needed to.

Body camera video shows a Claremore Police officer trying to arrest Brian Watson after they said he argued with officers for several minutes during a traffic stop.

Watson: "You don't need to be in my vehicle."
Officer: "I need to know what's in your vehicle for my safety."
Watson: "No you don't!
Officer: "Alright put your hands behind your back. Stop!
Watson: "Dude I have my kids in the car."
Officer: "Man cooperate."

Police said it all started when Watson sped past an officer. The officer pulled over Watson and noticed he had two kids in the car.

Officer: "Is there anything in the vehicle I need to be aware of?"
Watson: "No Officer: "Any guns, drugs, bazookas or anything?"
Watson: "Why do you need to be aware of any of it?"

After arguing, the officer pulled open Watson's door and noticed a gun.

Watson: "I have a handgun right here. I need your supervisor here now."
Officer: "And that is the reason I asked you to step out of the vehicle."
Watson: "You didn't see it from the angle you were standing at.”
Officer: "I know I didn't, for my safety I asked you that and you didn't say anything so step out of the vehicle, come on."

Watson later got out of the car and continued to argue.

Watson: "My kids are in the car.
Officer: "I see that, you are causing a lot more trouble than it needs to be."
Watson: "You are freaking me out dude." 

The video shows the officer trying to handcuff Watson, but Watson fought and broke away, so the officer pulled out his taser.

Watson: "I need your supervisor! I have tried to help you. I tried to give you what you wanted."
Officer: "Alright turn around. Put your hands behind your back."

Officers said they found a jar of marijuana, and several types of weapons in Watson's car including a baton and brass knuckles. Officers said Watson continued to argue with police inside the patrol car and the whole way to jail. Watson said in the video, he was speeding because he was trying to get his kids home because they had to use the bathroom.

Watson: "This is an abuse of power. My kids are in the car!"
Watson: "I've done nothing wrong. I was speeding. I apologize."

Watson sent News On 6 a statement:

"Honestly I wish I could go back to that day. This whole experience has been very humbling. Tried helping my son and I drove faster than I should have to get him to the bathroom. Should have taken a breath and a minute to think before reacting to everything the way that I did. I love my boys and to insinuate that I was neglecting them hurts more than the time I spent in jail. My whole life has been turned upside down in the past 3 months. My fiancé and I broke up, I had lost almost everything in my life. I had just put almost everything I own in storage; my medical card had expired and challenges kept piling up."

 Watson has bonded out of jail and is now charged with child neglect, reckless driving, having drugs, resisting arrest and other charges.


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