Dustin Stone

Dustin Stone was born and raised in Coweta, where he and his wife, Stephanie, still live with their three daughters.

Dustin joined the News On 6 team in 2000 as a video tape and master control operator. In 2003, he became a live truck operator. During his time in that role, he covered several national stories including the space shuttle Columbia tragedy, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Moore tornado and the Joplin tornado. After 11 years in that position, Dustin became the station's master control supervisor until 2018 when he moved back into the news department as the news operations manager.

Prior to becoming the pilot of Osage SkyNews 6, Dustin had been one of its camera operators for 12 years, which is where his passion for flying helicopters began. He owned Tulsa County Helicopters and has flown hundreds of people on tours of Tulsa and surrounding areas. Since his first flight as photographer, his goal was to eventually become the pilot for Osage SkyNews 6, a dream that became reality in 2018.

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