TULSA, Oklahoma - The last full week of 2018 had lots of people talking. News On 6 was on the scene for several big stories ranging from heartwarming Christmas moments to terrible tragedies. Below are the five most viewed and most shared videos of the week for News on 6.

First was a scary situation that took place on Christmas Day as law enforcement worked to rescue a man they say was thinking about jumping from a Tulsa overpass.


Up next is a story that sounds like something out of a movie. Police say thieves rappelled down through the ceiling of a pawn shop and stole several weapons.


Third, is a sad story from Christmas Day as a man was found stabbed in the street.


Next we have some good news, despite some air travel trouble the Pride of Bixby Marching Band will perform in London's New Year's Day Parade. Yeah, that London.


And finally, a man wanted in a Kansas double homicide, is in the hospital after shooting himself law enforcement officers closed in on him in Tulsa.