TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A jury trial is set to begin for the man accused of shooting a process server in his front yard last summer.

Barnett is accused of shooting a process server who was delivering court papers at his home last July.  

Barnett could be seen on the home security video in a heated argument with the server. The video shows the two exchange words before the server starts to leave but the two continue to argue. Then a plume of smoke can be seen filling the frame while the server doubles over and runs off Barnett's front lawn. 

Christopher Barnett is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon but has pleaded not guilty. Barnett has previously said the shooting was self-defense. but prosecutors aren't buying it. They say the process server never pulled out a weapon. 

Prosecutors also argued Barnett had interacted with process servers before and had researched whether it was legal to shoot one.

Barnett's trial is set for 1:30 Monday afternoon.

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