With Spring Around The Corner, Oklahomans Still Ready For Winter Weather

Friday, February 28th 2014, 7:25 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The forecast is prompting some changes in plans for the weekend. Some people who thought they didn't need anything else for winter decided they still need to pick up a snow shovel or some ice melt just in case.

People are starting to think about warmer weather, but the forecast for this weekend should have people keeping winter in the back of their mind.

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Tulsa resident, Allison Woodward, said, "We're not big preparers; he's from Minnesota so he never thinks anything horrible is going to happen here as far as snow."

But Bob Savage said it's a different story at Midtown Hardware. They remember what's happened in March.

"Guess it was in the mid-80s when we got 12 inches of snow the 21st of March," Bob Savage said.

So they've still got everything people need for winter; the deicer, the portable heaters, along with snow shovels and scrapers. They're expecting a rush Saturday.

"We won't put it up until the last threat is gone, probably April," said Savage.

The city of Tulsa is also geared up to go. They've lined up the snow plows, laid in a fresh supply of salt and said if the forecast holds, they'll likely go out about midnight Saturday to put salt down before the roads get icy.

"Have a little moisture there we can get the salt down first and that way keep the ice from bonding, so when the system rolls through we can clear the streets quicker," said Tim McCorkell with the Tulsa Streets Department.

Allison Woodward: "You can get around in the snow, you can move it out of the way, but the ice, you can't get around that," Woodward said.

The conditions on the streets depends a lot on what comes first; ice before snow is much harder to clear off. But regardless, city crews say they're ready.