TPS Board Offering 3 Different Fall Calendar Options, Expected To Vote Next Week

Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 8:13 am
By: Shannon Rousseau


The Tulsa Public School Board is now offering three different calendar options for the upcoming school year.

Each of the three options has a different start and end date.

The purpose is to make a plan that allows for a safe return to school while also preparing for the possibility of additional distance learning in the fall.

TPS Chief Design and Innovation Officer Andrea Castaneda presented the three options.

The first involves keeping the current district calendar, which starts on August 19th and ends May 21st.

The school year would have 166 instructional days--- 26 days of breaks during the school year--- and 400 minutes of learning per day.

The second option would see the school year starting August 31st and ending June 8th.

There would be 152 instructional days with 436 minutes of learning per day and 36 total days of breaks.

The third, and final option, is similar to the second except the school year would start September 10th and end June 30th.

Students would have 162 instructional days lasting 410 minutes with 31 total days of breaks.

Board members are expected to make a decision during next Monday's special board meeting at 5 p.m.