Local Santa Becomes Holiday Superstar By Sharing Magical Belief Of Christmas

Thursday, December 24th 2020, 9:30 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Santa has a lot of helpers, some look like him and some are elves making the job he does December 24 a lot easier. One Tulsan has kids near and far believing he’s the real deal from the North Police.

It started out as a tradition for his two-year-old son, Parker.  

"I wanted him to see Santa under his tree delivering a present, so my sister-in-law made me this rag-tag Santa costume," said Barry Evans, Santa.  

He said his neighbors caught on and then the neighborhood.  

"It just blossomed and grew and snowballed if you will,” Evans said.  

He's a little busy this time of year, so he said his elf Percy makes cookies in the magic oven keeping his stomach satisfied, while elves Jimmy, Jessy and Jordy keep him in check as he checks the naughty and nice list—twice, of course. He and his elves made a name for themselves through word of mouth and Zoom now allows him to meet kids across the country.  

"It's all a matter of understanding what you saw in Santa as a child and reversing the roles and look back and be that person you wanted Santa to be,” Evans said.  

Evans told News On 6 becoming Santa is a huge responsibility and he takes it very seriously.  

"You hold their hands, and you look them right dead in the eye and they look at you and they believe with every fiber of their being that you're the real guy,” Evans said.  

Evans said Christmas has become so commercialized. He told News On 6 the kids don't need all the added bells and whistles, but said they just want a Santa who believes in them as much as they believe in him.  

"I would get a kid that would come in and ask for a Play Station and an iPad and an iPhone,” said Evans. “And then I'd get a kid that'd come in on his heels and would ask me for blankets and oranges and apples. And something for his neighbor and a coat maybe." 

Evans said 2020 has been tough, and we could all use a little Christmas cheer. 

"Oh boy, do we ever,” Evans said. There's always hope. Never ever stop believing." 

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