City Of Tulsa To Hear Public Input On Plans For Kirkpatrick Heights

Thursday, October 28th 2021, 4:06 pm
By: Emory Bryan

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The City of Tulsa is hosting a series of community meetings to develop a master plan for Kirkpatrick Heights, a piece of mostly empty land just North of downtown.

The planning area is larger, encompassing part of downtown, and Greenwood, but the focus is on 56 acres available for development. The City is asking for input on how to develop a mixed-use project incorporating housing for various income levels, mass transit, recreation, and retail. Improvements on the property will be partially funded with taxes created by the new development.

The next public meeting is Saturday from 12-2 pm at the 36th Street North Event Center

Ashley Philippsen, a member of the Leadership Committee on the project, said "People are going to know what and why behind this process and in turn, we'll hear the how people expect to be engaged and what they can expect from this land development."

The planning will cover much of the green space, and open land, around the OSU Tulsa Campus, and just north of Standpipe Hill.

Kian Kamas, with the development arm of the City of Tulsa, said “As we go through this year-long master planning process I think you'll see us coming back to the residents and saying this is what we think we heard, did we hear that right?"

Meeting goals include: 

  1. Introduce community members to the project and invite them to participate 
  2. Orient community members to the study area and goals for the study 
  3. Develop a community-led vision and set of goals for the process 
  4. Understand the community’s priorities for development, investment, capacity building, and long-term development governance 

Each meeting will be divided into two parts: 

PART 1: Welcome & Introductions

45 minutes 

  1. The Team (City, Leadership Committee, Consultants) 
  2. Why We’re Here Today: What is Our Legacy, Our Community? Why now? 
  3. Intro to the Planning Area 
  4. Planning Process, Goals, and Key Milestones 
  5. Stakeholder Engagement: How will your input be used?

PART 2: Brief Presentation, Initial Findings


(Saturday session will be entirely Open House format / drop-in) 

  1. Station 1: Welcome & Orientation 
  2. Station 2: Community Asset Mapping 
  3. Station 3: Planning Context & Development Considerations 
  4. Station 4: Developing a Community Vision 
  5. Station 5: People, Place & History