Wax Plant In Ochelata Total Loss After 2nd Fire In 6 Months

Sunday, January 23rd 2022, 9:49 pm

Ochelata, Oklahoma -

A wax plant is a total loss after a fire at the facility in Ochelata.

"Blazing real good, real high, lot of smoke, and it was intense," said Assistant Fire Chief Lonnie Ingram.

This is the second fire at the building in the past year.

Crews worked as flames shot out of the building last July.

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Assistant Fire Chief Lonnie Ingram says they believe it's the same cause now as it was then.

"They feel like it was electrical last time, and that's pretty much the only thing we can come up with, electrical, because there's nothing in there that can actually burn," he said.

Ingram says the building is a total loss, and the company will probably have to rebuild.

"Last time they were able to go back to work, and continue doing the process they do, this time, the building is pretty much gone," he said.

Ingram says there are some nearby houses, but no one was ever in any danger when the fire was happening.

He says they were able to help contain it because of everyone who came to help.

"We are glad that we do have the community help from surrounding areas that come in, we all get together, and work together to get things done," he said.

The fire is being investigated to determine exactly what happened.