Students At McLain High School Create Giant Jordan 1 Sculpture

Friday, May 6th 2022, 6:22 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

McLain students will soon have their work on display at the Philbrook Museum of Art. Students just got done creating a giant Jordan 1 sneaker.

It took one teacher, 71 students, and 61 days to create what they call the McLain OG. It all started with a curious student in art class.

“One of my kids came up and he’s like 'Mr. Carnes can we paint our shoes for an assignment,'" said Adam Carnes, art teacher at McLain.

Carnes said he loved the idea, but he wanted to take it to the next level. “We gotta make a giant Jordan 1. We gotta amp it up around here,” said Carnes.

Mr. Carnes said the art budget isn’t big, so students got creative.

“Me, growing up, I never knew that we use cardboard to create something as big and wonderful as this shoe. But, we did," said Christian Sanders, McLain student.

Using only cardboard, Paper Mache, hot glue and paint -- the students practiced on small replicas. After that, they created the giant McLain OG.

Carnes said the project wouldn't be possible without funding from Assistance League of Tulsa and Betty Bradstreet Art Education Awards.

“Well, this shoe is just something big and it was something cool that we were eager to finish and eager to start on. And it got some many students excited. Even students that wasn’t currently in art wanted to come to art,” said Sanders.

Christian Sanders is a sophomore at McLain. He said this art project taught him about discipline, after all it took 61 school days to complete.

“I gotta say my favorite part was just working on it. It was the process of getting there and knowing that it’s going to take a long time and a lot of work, but it’s the time that counts actually,” said Sanders.

Carnes is using the sculpture to help raise money for the school. You can make an appointment to see it at McLain and donations will be accepted.

“With this Jordan 1, maybe we can get people excited, we can get money for the school," said Carnes.

You can also see it this summer at the Philbrook Museum for the Sneaker Soiree. The sneakerheads said it would be a dream to be recognized by Nike.

"I don’t know, maybe Nike will come out here and get everyone some Jordans. Come on, hook us up,” said Carnes.