Tulsa Resident Impacted By Police Chase That Ended In Fiery Neighborhood Crash

Sunday, July 3rd 2022, 9:42 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Witnesses say multiple people were hurt after a police pursuit that ended with a fiery crash in a Tulsa neighborhood.

One witness said he heard the crash and came outside to find the car on fire with two people inside.

Neighbor Barnabas Whitaker said he and his wife heard a loud crash late last night, but wasn’t sure what it was until they looked out the window.

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“At first I thought it was maybe a ridiculous firework the neighbors had or something like that because they've been setting off fireworks recently,” said Whitaker. “But my wife shouted from the balcony and she went to go look and there's a car on fire in our front yard and two police vehicles."

Whitaker, who said he was an EMT and paramedic for 10 years, said he sprung into action to help the people inside.

“The car is on fire and getting worse so I go through the passenger window that's broken and bent,” said Whitaker. “I get her arms and torso and I asked for them to help and we got her out and away from the car."

He said the car crashed into the dump truck he uses for his work and damaged it.

"The car, the mid-size SUV, gone through my creek and hit my dump truck in my driveway hard enough, it's a 10,000-pound truck, hit it hard enough to knock it completely off the driveway.”

After such an eventful night, Whitaker said he doesn’t know what’s next.

"I'm still just kind of in shock a little bit,” said Whitaker. “I'm covered in blood. I washed most of it off. This is not how I expected my night to go to say the least.”