Propane Delivery Drivers Make Last-Minute Stops Before Winter Weather

Friday, January 14th 2022, 9:39 pm

With cold weather moving in, propane truck drivers are busy making last-minute deliveries to keep Oklahomans warm.

Prater's Propane said they've seen demand double lately, after an initially warmer winter that slowed down sales.

Jay Cook, a Prater's Propane Driver, spent the day topping off his last few propane tanks before this weekend's expected snow.

"Those people rely on us to keep them warm through the winter," he said.

It's been unseasonably warm so far this winter, which means Cook's been delivering less fuel.

"The winter started off kind of slow. Prices were higher they’d traditionally been to start the fall and start the winter. And then the warm temperatures we had even up through Christmas kind of led to slow demand,” Cook said. “In the past two to three weeks, I’ve seen a lot of pickup in the number of people calling in, wanting gas. Especially as the snow comes in tomorrow, we’ve seen a lot of people wanting filled up so that they don’t run out over the weekend.”

Cook believes the colder temperatures mean more people are burning fuel, driving demand.

He said demand has doubled however, he added that he and drivers like him have been able to keep up.