Woman Meets Five Sisters She Never Knew She Had

Wednesday, June 22nd 2022, 5:59 pm


Marian Mathis grew up with only one sibling that she knew of. After his passing, she was always looking for more family. 

“I prayed and I asked God, if I have any siblings, before I left this earth to please let me find them,” said Marian Mathis.  

She grew up in Kansas but lived in Oklahoma City as an adult for about four years.  

“I kept running into people in the store and they said you look like somebody I know,” said Mathis.  

Then Marian’s mother informed her that the man she knew as her father, wasn’t her father.  

“What made her tell me that, is that she said the older I got the more I started to look like the biological father,” said Mathis.  

That prompted an Ancestry.com search, just to see what would come up.  

“About two months ago Savannah Davis had reached out to me on Ancestry.com.”  

“I didn’t know at the time because it wasn’t saying sister, it just said close family member, but we had the highest percentage of DNA,” said Savannah Davis.  

Then there was the late-night phone call from Savannah’s daughter all the way in California, informing her about Marian.  

“This lady contacted me and asked me did I know you, and I told her that you were my mother, and she said oh my goodness, that’s my sister,” said Davis.  

“After we verified everything, we came to find out she was my sister, I was happy we cried on the phone,” said Mathis.  

When they saw pictures of each other there was simply no denying.  

“The pictures were just unbelievable. I sent them to everybody in my family, and they were like oh you took some good pictures, and I was like that’s not me,” said Davis.  

And to Marian’s surprise…  

“I didn’t find just one sister, I found five sisters,” said Mathis.  

The sisters have been in constant contact over the phone, but decided it was time to all meet up face to face. So, with anxious anticipation the day finally happened.  

Sisters, Ceola, Alena, Alisa, Savannah, Marcelyce, and Marian together for the first time, forever.  

The sisters say the next step is a big family reunion to bring all the kids and grandkids together so they can meet their new family.