Meals On Wheels Builds Ramp For Woman To Be Able To Leave Her Home

Thursday, June 30th 2022, 4:49 pm

Volunteers with Meals on Wheels are helping a woman who hasn't been able to leave her home.

Dena Fink says she hasn't been able to leave her house since she moved in June. With the new ramp, she says she feels a gigantic sigh of relief.

"Man, I am so blessed to have these people to come and do this," Fink said. "I have not been out of the house....haven't been able to leave the house in a month."

Several volunteers with Meals on wheels gathered supplies to make a ramp completely from scratch. Lauren Orr with Meals on Wheels says she didn't have to wait long for people wanting to lend a hand.

"'We need to get up a ramp and quick, who is willing?' They all jumped at it, and they are just excited to help," Orr said.

Fink says she is glad she will now get simple errands done herself. She says being stuck at home was mentally draining.

"It can take a toll on you having to sit there and not be able to come out and go and do the things that you want to do or the things that you need to do," Fink said. 

Fink says she hopes others will copy the example Meals on Wheels has shown by helping someone in need.

"I wish I can volunteer," Fink said. "I wish I could help out to do something like this."

Fink says meals on wheels has also been helping her out with dog food and groceries and says it's a blessing to have people willing to give back.