Results: Oct. 10 Election Day In Green Country

There were several bond issues on ballots Tuesday, Oct. 10 in Green Country. Voters decided on bonds for projects in places like Bartlesville, Catoosa, Sapulpa, and Verdigris.

Tuesday, October 10th 2023, 10:57 am

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There are several bond issues on ballots on Tuesday, Oct. 10 in Green Country.

Voters are deciding on large amounts of money for projects in places like Bartlesville, Catoosa, Sapulpa, and Verdigris.

Explainer: How To Register To Vote In Oklahoma; Do I Need To Show ID At The Polls?

The Bartlesville G.O. Bond

All 4 projects proposed passed.

Voters in Bartlesville decided on the City’s proposed "General Obligation Bond Issue," also known as the G.O. bond.

The election will determine funding for capital projects that will take place over four years, totaling $17.6 million. If passed, taxes would not be increased for residents.

“The City’s mil levy will remain at 15 as existing bonds expire, so there is no tax increase associated with the G.O. Bond proposal,” said City Manager Mike Bailey.

Projects proposed for the G.O. Bond are grouped into four propositions:

  1. Public safety buildings and equipment: $2,412,000
  2. Municipal buildings and equipment: $696,000
  3. Streets and bridges: $12,278,000
  4. Parks and recreation: $2,214,000

Catoosa's Elementary School Bond

Catoosa's Elementary School Bond passed.

Catoosa voters once again decided if they should pay for more classrooms at the new elementary school. The superintendent said more money is needed because of inflation and supply and demand issues.

Voters first approved a $54 million bond last year for the new building. The district is now asking for an extra $9 million to get the job done.

“We had to reduce the footprint of the building by 14 classrooms to save $9 million,” said Robert Schornick, Catoosa Superintendent. “We had to go the public to pass a bond issue to recover that $9 million so we can re-add the classrooms back.”

Schornick said the first attempt failed back in February by only seven votes. Despite 59-percent of voters deciding in favor, state law requires city and school bond votes to receive 60-percent of support in order to pass.

The district said the bond would raise property taxes by roughly 5-percent.

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Bond For Pretty Water School In Sapulpa

The two propositions for Pretty Water School in Sapulpa passed.

There are two separate bond issues for a Sapulpa school. Pretty Water Public School has proposals totaling $975,000.

The first proposition is for a new roof for the school, and renovations to the exterior and interior of the school. That issue contributes $850,000 to the previously mentioned total.

The other $125,000 is for transportation purposes. The school wants to purchase one new bus for its students with those funds.

Verdigris Bond For Fire District

The Verdigris Fire District bond did not pass.

The Verdigris Fire District asked voters to approve a $13.5 million bond that would improve the district's firefighting capabilities.

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The bond includes building a second fire station to keep up with the community's growth and also create additional space for firefighters. The district said it also needs new fire trucks to replace its older trucks to better serve the community.

These new trucks would have a greater water capacity, allowing crews to fight bigger fires and help cut down on response times. The money would also go toward a new training building, which would allow firefighters to train in town.

The bond would also fund a new equipment storage building to better protect the fire district's equipment and also serve as a covered training area. If the bond passes, average homeowners living in the fire district would see about an $80 increase for every $100,000 in home value.

How To Register To Vote Online In Oklahoma

You can register online using the OK Voter Portal's Online Voter Registration System.

You need to answer a handful of questions and fill out a short form. You will need to have an Oklahoma Driver's License/State ID and a signature on file with Service Oklahoma. Once you have completed the process, the County Election Board Secretary in the county where you reside will approve your application barring any issues.

There is also a special portal for military and voters who are located overseas. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

How To Register To Vote In Person In Oklahoma

To register in person, just visit your local County Election Board. CLICK HERE FOR COUNTY ELECTION BOARD ADDRESSES

You can also register at your local tag agency when you renew or apply for your Driver's License or State ID.

How To Register To Vote By Mail In Oklahoma

To register by mail, you can once again visit the OK Voter Portal and then fill out a Voter Registration Application. Then, print and sign the form. Next, mail in or deliver the form by hand to your County Election Board.

If you are unable to print off an application yourself or have trouble with the online portal there is a second option.

Applications can also be found at County Election Boards, most tag agencies, post offices, and even libraries. Ask a staff member for help and then fill out the form and submit it to the County Election Board.

What Happens After My Voter Registration Is Approved?

Once your application has been approved, a Voter Identification Card will be mailed to your provided address to confirm your registration. The State Election Board Says your Voter ID Card can be used as proof of identity at the polls on Election Day and during early voting.

If your Application is denied or can't be approved, the County Election Board will send you a letter detailing why. The letter will contain instructions on what steps you can take to get registered.

Do I Need My Voter ID Card To Vote In Oklahoma?

By Oklahoma State Law, every person who votes in person must show proof of identity before receiving a ballot at their polling precinct. If you are early voting you will need to show your ID to your County Election Board.

A Voter ID Card is one of the options that voters can provide including:

Oklahoma driver license

Oklahoma Identification Card

United States passport

United States military identification


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